Braided leather strips with two rings and two snap bolt clips on each end allow for this leash to be several styles in one. Valuable in service dog training, but also comes in handy in working with companion and therapy dogs. Measurements are approximate.

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Burgundy Latigo Versatile Dog Leash
Burgundy color leather for a traditional look, a standard style kept in stock.
Measuring 60" in length end to end.This leather color and style is modeled from a
standard leash used by several service dog schools due to its versatility.
Please inquire for availabilty of other colors.
#VDLburg $18.00

Blue and White Graffiti
Versatile Dog Leash
Hand dyed and painted black leather with  blue and white cross hatch marks to give a "graffiti effect", this leash is finished with green clips and nickel rings for a bold style.
#VDL3color $22.00

White Cross Hatch Versatile Dog Leash
Hand painted black cross hatch marks on white leather give this leash a fun, but simple look. Finished with nickel rings and clips.
#VDLwhitepaint $15.00

White Flower Red Clip Leash,
Hand dyed white flowers with red centers on black background. Accented with red clips & nickel rings.
#VDLwhtflwr $25.00
Blue Versatile Dog Leash,
Hand dyed vegetable hide in Royal Blue, this leash also has two blue clips to go with the bold color. Rings are nickel.
#VDL3blu $20.00
Steel Blue Versatile Dog Leash
Steel blue leather with nickel rings and clips
#VDL32Steel $14.00
Lavender Leather
Lavender finished leather, the leash has an overall lighter feel and is less bulky
#VDL11lvdr $14.00

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