When working with dogs, having a good lead is paramount. I enjoy playing around with leather and seeing what I can make. While I mostly focus on custom designs (different colors, accents, designs) I do post different leashes, colors, and sets for purchase. If there is something you that doesn't quite fit your needs or you want a little more bling to go with your classy pup, a custom designed leash can be made just for you!

3-Ring Versatile Dog Leashes
Has one extra ring than the standard versatile leash for additional configurations and uses.
Slip Leads
Metal-free leather slip lead, useful for emergency or security-check travel.
Regular Leashes
Braided and rivets options in a variety lengths for different dog handling purposes.
Versatile Dog Leashes
Based off of a standard service dog leash design, this allows for more than one configuration for the handler.
Dog Collars
Different sizes, colors, and accents in leather.
Matching Leash & Collar Sets
Versatile dog leash with matching leather collar.

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